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Useful information

Phone numbers:
- International code of Bulgaria: +359 xxx xxx
- 112 - the single European emergency telephone communications and emergency call can be dialed from any mobile and fixed communications, when the keypad is locked.
The system 112 includes various structural units of the Ministry of the Interior - police, fire and rescue, civil defense; structure of the Ministry of Health - Emergency Medical Care and National Medical Coordination Center; Ministry of Transport - Maritime Administration, "Sea Rescue" rescue in the mountains of Bulgaria, the Red Cross.
About sites:
- Airport site:
Burgas - www.bourgas-airport.com,
Varna - www.varna-airport.bg,
Sofia - www.sofia-airport.bg.
Site рailway and bus stations:
Railway www.bdz.bg,
Bus Station Sofia - www.centralnaavtogara.bg