Bulgarian properties for sale - buy cheap houses, apartments and plot of land in Bulgaria


Main activities: provision of services in buying, selling and renting
Property in Bulgaria. We are also engaged in repair and custom-made furnishings

Repair of apartments and houses

• We choose a property on any of your needs and budget of
• Reservation of hotel rooms - free
• Meeting at the airport of Burgas, Varna, Sofia
Company Registration: Limited Company "LTD" (OOD) - 250 euros
• Register apartments and getting BULSTAT card - 18 euros
• Annual payment of taxes for your property - for free
• Preparation of annual reports of your Bulgarian company - 150 euros per year

Worthy of you to buy property in Bulgaria do not need a long and painful search for her on different sites. You just need to call (or write) the art and fresh, just for you options, will be waiting for you soon after arrival in the country.