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karnobatCheap rural house you can buy in a small town Karnobat northwest of Burgas. Here, great environment and food, well-developed animal husbandry and winemaking. Rural property will appeal to those who want to live in peace and eat quality food, a walk through the quiet streets, where every neighbor is happy to invite for a cup of coffee or a glass of homemade wine. Basically there is a sale of houses, apartments are offered much less frequently. Popular village near Karnobat: Cherkovo, Sigmen, Detelina, Krushevo. Prices from € 150 to € 250 sq.m

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Sold House for sale near Karnobat House for sale near Karnobat
€ 9 000
€ 12 000
Area size: 70.00 sq.m

Cozy house for sale near Karnobat Bulgaria. Single-storey house in the village Cherkovo Bulgaria, just 40 km from the town of Bourgas and the sea. The house has a yard area of…