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On the island of St. Anastasia In Bourgas was the first baptism with the British

saint anastasia

On the island of St. Anastasia in Burgas first baptism took place, especially for the agency "BulgProperty", said the manager Peacock Island Dimitrov. A young family is originally from Silistra, and the ceremony took place a few days ago on the island, located in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Godparents small Miroslav many years living in England. Saw on TV a report about popular attractions, which claimed all of Bulgaria, and as soon as they got the original idea. Rennet and spoke with Miroslav, the parents of 3-year-old boy, contact reservations celebration and set the date. Especially baptize little Miroslav on board "Cook" sailed to the island of Father Peter Bourgas.
Good organization and the special atmosphere of the island made the ceremony memorable, and after the victory of the family stayed on the island for another day, spent the night in a small building of the monastery.

Святая Анастасия