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Real estate deals in Bulgaria declined in 2015

Contrary to the expectations of experts growth of real estate deals in Bulgaria, in 2014, recorded a 4% decline compared with 2013 year, according to newspaper "Trud", citing data from the Agency for writing. So in 2013, the Agency was written 224 664 notarial acts for the purchase of real estate, and in 2014 already 217 915, the data show. In 2013, as projected growth of the real estate market in Bulgaria, but then the number of transactions increased by only 2.97% compared with 2012. In practice, since the crisis began, the only significant increase in the number of real estate transactions in Bulgaria was observed only in 2011, when the Agency was written by 28.4% of notarial deeds more than in 2010. In 2009, the decline of transactions was 35.2%, and in 2010 - 9.12%. In 2012, after a rise of 2011 the number of real estate transactions decreased again to 6.85%. According to experts, the cause of decline in the number of deals in 2014 was the policy of the Bulgarian banks and the quality of the sold property.

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