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About Bulgaria

If you decide to visit Bulgaria for tourism or property purchase already know that Bulgaria is situated in the Balkans and has an outlet on the Black Sea. The Black Sea coast is not self natural geographic area of Bulgaria. It covers the eastern part of the Danubian area, the Balkan and Thracian - Strandja region. Extends north from Cape Sivriburun - Dobrich and the areas south to - Burgas municipality and has a length of about 378 km.
Bulgaria is available in Europe for more than 13 centuries, linking East and West. It is an attractive tourist destination with beautiful scenery and hospitable people. Bright sun, blue sea, beautiful beaches, a variety of summer and winter resorts. Its small area in a unique way intertwine natural attractions and rich cultural heritage. Almost a quarter of its territory is covered by forests, it means clean air and clean food produced by Bulgarian standards (BSS). Due to its natural beauty and cultural attractions in the country have developed different types of tourism - spa, spa and wellness, eco, mountain and skiing. This makes the country an attractive destination for foreign tourists, and their number reaches 9 million people a year.

Area: 110.9 thousand sq. km.
Capital: Sofia. Population: 7,776,251 people
Language: Bulgarian
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Currency: Bulgarian lev is pegged to the Euro and fixed 1 euro = 1.95583 leva. Importation and exportation of currency is not prohibited in Bulgaria. You can exchange any currency unlimited (banks over lev 10 000 or € 5,000 must sign a declaration of origin of funds) in exchange offices in hotels, but the most profitable exchange bureaus in cities. At airports, major hotels, restaurants and supermarkets can make payments by credit card Mastercard, Visa, American express. If  download banknotes from an ATM announces to know that the limit is 400 lev per day, though a few ATMs can be downloaded separately.

Cuisine: Bulgarian cuisine, featuring a wide variety of dishes popular in many countries in Europe. In her stand on a variety of vegetables, different kinds of fresh meat, freshwater and marine fish. Of meat products Bulgarians prefer pork, mutton, beef, chicken. The methods of heat treatment of the meat products are varied, but generally is predominant, and the processing of the vegetables, asphyxiation. Meat and vegetables usually suffocate adding strong spices - onion, garlic, pepper, vinegar, parsley, etc. Sometimes present dishes that exist in other countries, but have other names. Anise vodka in Turkey is called "yeni raki", in Greece - "ouzo", in Bulgaria is called "mastic". Skewer, depending on size, are called the "shish or "shishcheta". If you are set on culinary tourism, then search facility labeled "Mehana". Mehana - this is a traditional Bulgarian restaurant. In virtually every restaurant you can listen to Bulgarian folk music and see the interior in a traditional style. Popular in Europe Bulgarian salads that you should try: "Salad Shoppe, shopska salata", "shepherd's salad, ovcharska salata", and "Harvest Salad, zhetvarska salata". If you love meat delicacy "kebapche" is one of them. Bulgaria is famous not only for its beaches, ski resorts are not inferior in quality to the maintanance of popular European ski destinations. One of them is a ski resort Banko, Borovets and Pamporovo.
For lovers of skiing built modern ski lifts and track. Bansko is situated at the foot of "Pirin" and is known ski destination. Borovets is the biggest mountain and ski resort in Bulgaria, situated on the northern slopes of the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula «Rila Mountain».
The third ski resort in Bulgaria's Pamporovo fabulous. Located in the most beautiful mountain in Bulgaria - Rhodope Mountains. Besides cities and resorts every tourist must visit other important sites not nearly unknown to the ordinary tourist. These are a few sights and cities that will list and briefly fill your time.

Popular destinations:
• A beautiful sight is the Rila Monastery. The monastery is situated in South-western Bulgaria. It was founded in the tenth century by St. Ivan Rilski, the upper reaches of the Rila River.
• National Park "Pirin" covers most of the Pirin Mountains in south-west Bulgaria. National Park "Pirin" is one of three national parks in Bulgaria.
Seven Lakes is a group of lakes of glacial origin located in the Rila mountain. It is the most visited by tourists lake group in Bulgaria, part of a hundred tourist sites.
Sapareva Banya - small town, famous for the unique hot geyser with healing water.
• Rose Valley in Kazanlak. Located south of the Balkan Mountains and north of the Central Forest. The valley is known for the cultivation of roses and is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. For centuries cultivar Rosa damascena.
Kyustendil (medieval name: Velbuzhd ancient name: Pautalia) is a city in south-western Bulgaria. Located near the border with the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia. Spa and tourist center of national and international importance, archaeological and architectural reserve starting point for hiking and skiing in the mountains Ossogovo. Visit SPA hotel "Strymon". 5 Star "STRIMON SPA CLUB" is located in the renowned 25 centuries Kyustendil spa resort, also called the "city of springs". Millennial history is closely associated with its healing mineral waters. Kyustendil is known from Roman times resort Ulpia Pautalia.
Melnik - This is the smallest town in Bulgaria is situated in south-western Bulgaria in a mountainous area in the south-western foot of the Pirin Mountains. Situated in a picturesque area 22 km south-east of the town of Sandanski. Many restaurants with tasty national and local cuisine.
Plovdiv - the second largest city in Bulgaria. Located about 20 km from the Rhodope mountains and 80 km from Pamporovo. Plovdiv is host to the famous International Fair, an international theater festival, the TV festival "The golden chest" are preserved amphitheater, Roman odeon, Roman Stadium, late antique building "Eire". It is known as the city in the hills.